About Timothy Martin


Although he had an interest in art and drawing from an early age, Tim Martin began painting as an adult in January 2008 when he took a watercolor class at a community college. Since then, painting and visiting art galleries has become a great love and obsession for him. His current works are in oils or acrylics, and he especially enjoys the effects of light as exhibited in the works of Johannes Vermeer. His first solo exhibition was at the Temple Theatre in Sanford, North Carolina, in 2009.

Tim is a private practice psychotherapist in Cary, North Carolina (www.martintherapy.com), as well as the vicar of All Saints Episcopal Church in Hamlet, NC. He is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and is also licensed by the Episcopal Diocese of NC.

Locations of Past Exhibitions and Shows

Boseman Art Gallery at UNC-Wilmington

International Ballet Academy, Cary, NC

Central Carolina Hospital, Sanford, NC

Rey's Restaurant, Cary NC
N.C. State Fair, Raleigh, NC
Java Coffee, Holly Springs, NC
Temple Theatre, Sanford, NC

Brush & Palette Club Art Show, Sanford, NC

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